Irrespective of the size of the job,Donnstein Construction has the experience and expertise to deliver bulk and detailed earthworks packages to the industry.

Large scale bulk earthworks including:

Detailed earthworks including:

  • Excavation
  • Road layerworks
  • Backfill
  • Compaction
  • Ground levelling
  • Subbase construction
  • Dust Supression
  • Gravel road construction

This business division is a leading and highly regarded service provider of  bulk earthworks to the mining sector, and property development sectors of the economy. Our scope of expertise includes: 

  • Earthworks and lateral support for super basements
  • Bulk earthworks and related services for shopping centres and warehouses
  • Construction of gravel and surfaced haul roads for both the private and public sectors
  • Erosion and stormwater control and infrastructure
  • River diversion and settling dams
  • Design and construction of both public and private roads
  • Concrete structures
  • The rehabilitation of land fill sites


Bulk earthworks are the removal, adding or shifting of soil/earth at a particular area.
Generally the term bulk earthwork is only used when the removal, adding or shifting of soil is of a large scale.

EG: The Process of earthworks is to excavate the existing land to a suitable level so that road or building construction may begin.
The earthworks can take the form of either excavation in the form of cuts or the construction of embankments to carry an elevated highwasy.
Normally in a road design project, both will be necessary and movement of earth from one part of the site to the next will be necessary.
This should be done with as little waste created or as little extra material required as disposal or collection is expensive.
Donnstein has experience on large scale  Road ways for Earthworks.
Donnstein can also help with the setup of Machine Guidance systems for Earthworks companies.