Our operations includes the following:


  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Road Construction
  • Layer Works
  • Storm Water Management
  • Kerbing And Paving
  • Site Clearing
  • Sub Soil Drainage System
  • Stone Pitching And Gabions
  • Land Scaping And Reclamation
  • Concrete Works
  • Bridges And Repairs
  • Open Channels And V-Drains
  • Attenuation Ponds
  • Land Surveying
  • Road Maintenance
  • Cementitious Grout (Surface and Underground)

Cementitious grout in South Africa.Salphalt is another company branding not scientific name for this product.

Cementitious grout special surfacing to give strength to asphalt surfaces.

Donnstein always attempts to provide a ‘complete package’ approach and together with our partners we offer a wide spectrum of additional services which work hand-in-hand and will extend as far as the client requires:

  • Site clearing and layer-works (Sub-base and Base courses) and compaction
  • Platform building and levelling for developing land
  • Installation of any and all piping systems and ducting
  • Cable trays
  • Mass brickwork for walls
  • ‘Loffelstein’ type retaining walls
  • Rubble removal


Donnstein has extensive experience in reinforced and unreinforced concrete installation, with an emphasis on the quality of the finish of the concrete. We assess the clients needs and plan the safest, quickest and most cost-effective scenario, which we price accordingly. We offer a wide selection of installation types, which include:

  • Concrete patios, slabs and plinths
  • Reinforced concrete chambers of any size
  • Mass reinforced concrete work for large structures, such as cell phone towers and transformers
  • Block and lintel roof slabs
  • Concrete V-drains
  • Inlet and outlet for Stormwater and culvert crossings
  • Gabion and reno mattress installation
  • Demolition of reinforced and unreinforced concrete
  • Complete health and safety analysis of works undertaken, complying with the OSH Act  of 1993

Quality Assurance Control

Setting Out
The Company has qualified Surveyors and the latest survey equipment to set out the works in conjunction with Supervisors.

Works Process
Trained Foremen and suitable plant carry out work to an agreed method statement.

The Company has a fully equipped soils laboratory for the control of soil quality and compaction.